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Elaine Querry is a local photographer, and she is a partner with the Plaza hotel. If you go to the Plaza store, you will be greeted with beautiful photographic greeting cards.

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The Plaza hotel also partners with Capital Southwest Bank. Capital Southwest Bank is family owned bank and they’re motto is to build a relationship in helping New Mexico business owners.

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Tractor Brewing Company is a New Mexico-based brewery that was founded in 1999. Tractor is located in Albuquerque, and strives to create a warm and comfortable environment. This brewing company has a distinct atmosphere and great craft beer. Tractor tries to be an informed, active, and supportive member of the community by supporting local businesses, events, and charitable organizations. The Plaza Hotel Bar currently has Tractor Brewing Company beer on tap.

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Las Nueve Ninas Winery is in the 4th generation of development by the Aragon family from northern New Mexico. Their vineyard is approximately eight miles north of Mora. Their goal is to provide quality New Mexico wine in a fun contemporary manner to create others a positively enjoyable experience. The Plaza Hotel Bar currently carries Las Nueve Ninas wine.

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Santa Fe Brewing Company is New Mexico’s oldest microbrewery. It was founded in 1988, when Mike Levis brewed the first Santa Fe Pale ale on some old equipment he bought from the defunct Boulder Brewing Company. Santa Fe Brewing Company is a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced company. The Plaza Hotel Bar currently carries Santa Fe Brewing company beer.

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The Plaza Hotel proudly serves Marble Brew where it has become a local favorite forits distinct and delicious taste. Marble Brewery was founded in 2008 in downtown Albuquerque. They are devoted to brewing a premium craft beer and pushing the envelope when it comes to raising consumer expectations.

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Tina Mion is a world redound artist whose work is exhibited through out the Plaza Hotel. She’s also had her work displayed at the national portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, the Thuman and Eisenhower Libraries, and the Hoover Presidential Library. Tina’s home and studio is the nationally known historic La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona.

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“New Adventures Down Old Trails!” Is the Motto for Las Vegas, NM. With more than 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, you cannot help feeling you are back in the wild west. With a little imagination you can envision Billy the Kid or Doc Holiday standing on the corner. If you are lucky maybe a local cowboy will come meandering down the street on his trusty steed, stopping by the local saloon for a beer. This is Las Vegas. History is woven into the fabric of this railroad era town, from its Old Town Plaza to the train depot and the soon-to-be restored Castañeda Hotel. The architecture is an eclectic mix of Victorian, craftsman, and bungalow style homes and properties. The story behind the making of Las Vegas today, is intriguing, surprising, and entertaining. Tour director Kathy Hendrickson personalizes tours to fit your requirements.

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